Stars in StardustEdit

In the Stardust universe, the Stars are a legendary race of immortal supernatural beings who live in Heaven. They sleep during the day, and wake up to shine as the stars that humanity sees during the night. The most prominent Stars introduced are: Yvaine, Ingrid, and Tristan Thorne (who became a Star upon his death).

Sometimes, a star may fall from Heaven to Earth, thereby taking a human form. However, even in human form, they were shown to still retain their celestial nature and otherworldly Star powers. Examples of such powers (demonstrated by Yvaine throughout the film) include:

  • Evergreen Youth & Immortality: Even in human form, the Stars do not grow old or die.
  • Affinity with Magical Creatures: A unicorn showed up when Yvaine was in need of assistance.
  • Star Form: Stars were shown to have a bright, shining "Star Form" that, when unleashed in full power, could destroy any foe. However, this power was noted to be tied solely with their emotional state, and if their natural "shine" is diminished due to emotional distress, they would be unable to utilize this power.

Despite their powers, however, a Star in human form would be in an extremely dangerous situation on Earth, given that they could be hunted and killed by those who know the magical worth of their organs.

At the end of Stardust, Tristan becomes a star by lighting the Babylon candle.

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