Charmed is small, hairy man with a very large napsack and a lot of names. He helps Tristan very much, giving him the Babylon candle and telling him not to reveal his true name and not to lie. He also travels for a short time with Tristan, first telling him to dream more quietly, then walking with him through the forest. In the forest, they are not paying attention and so get stuck in a Serewood. They are almost eaten except Tristan discovers his ability to find places in Faerie and gets them both back to the path. Charmed also finds Tristran some suitable clothing.

Charmed seems to be part of a secret organization, the full extent of which is never revealed, whose goal is to help Tristran in his travels.

Charmed's personal reason for helping Tristran is that Dunstan Thorne, Tristran's father, had let Charmed lodge with him during the market.