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Sarah Alexander

Empusa was the youngest of the three Lillim sister witches.


At the age of seventeen, Empusa's oldest sister, Lamia, became very ill and was presumed to die. Unable to watch her suffer, Empusa attempted to use magic to cure her, but failed. After days of searching for a solution, the middle sister Mormo came across a mystical woman who had fallen from the sky. After bringing the woman home, Empusa (knowing what the woman was) killed the woman and cut out her heart. After feeding the shining heart to her sister, Lamia had later awoken more beautiful and healthy as ever. The woman was Yvaine's sister, Ingrid.

From that moment forth, the witches planned to forever rule the Kingdom of Stormhold by gaining their immortality from the hearts of fallen stars. However, after years of living inside of a world of dystopia, came an army of men lead by a forceful warrior whom had succeeded at overpowering the evil witches. She was killed by Prince Septimus.

Powers & Abilities: Edit

Though not as powerful as her oldest sister, Lamia, Empusa was still a potent witch in her own right. Examples of powers she displayed were:

  • Pyrokinesis: Empusa conjured the element of fire to hold her own against Septimus in a duel.

Empusa also had the fundamental skills of a magical witch in the Stardust universe:

  • Spell Casting: As a witch, Empusa is perfectly capable of casting spells.
  • Divination: Empusa was able to divine information she needed through casting a set of runes or observing animal entrails. Her skills are evidenced by the fact that Lamia herself relied on her sisters for information which indicates she possessed a level of accuracy Lamia did not.


Due to her advanced age and excessive usage of magic for evil purposes, Empusa's true form is an ancient decrepit hag, but she still looked younger than her elder sisters.

However, if she eats a Star's heart, Empusa would regain her youth and beauty, transforming from an ancient ugly crone into a beautiful young woman with long auburn hair and ocean-blue eyes.


Being the youngest sister, Empusa was shown to be almost completely deferential to Lamia, though she did not hesitate to snap at or argue with her when irritated to breaking point. She was as insatiable for youth and beauty as Lamia, and has no qualms over using her powers to try to kill those who cross her path.