Lamia created the Inn to trick Yvaine into believing that she was a simple Inn keeper's Wife.

That way she could make Yvaine happy and cut out her heart when it was glowing. Also she turned the white goat from her small wagon into a white haired man, which should play her husband and the landlord of the inn. The red haired young man - from which she had stolen the white goat - was turned into a young woman, which should disguise herself as her daughter.

In the film Edit

After Yvaine and her unicorn got to the inn, Lamia and her "daughter" helped her take a bath. As Lamia fixed Yvaines twisted ankle, Yvaine started to glow. Just as Lamia wanted to massage Yvaine, Primus and Tristan knocked on the inn´s door, so Lamia had to leave Yvaine to tend to the new arrivals. Primus takes a bath and after a short time Yvaine meets him. Primus engages in conversation with Yvaine, who shows little to no interest in the prince's rambling. The other ghost princes points out, that Yvaine has the kings ruby around her neck. When Primus finally took notice of the ruby, he requests that Yvaine show it to him.

Meanwhile, Tristan took care of the prince's horses. The young red haired woman brought him the wine, as Primus declined the beverage, stating that he vowed only to drink his own wine until his brother is dead, and then mentioning that his friend (Tristan) might like some. As Tristan was about to drink the wine, the unicorn broke out of it's stall and charged towards Tristan, causing him to drop the wine. The wine, which spilled out the cup, then burns through the straw. A panicked Tristan runs back to the inn to warn the prince not to drink anything, however his efforts were in vain as Lamia then slits Primus' throat with her obsidian knife. Tristan and Yvaine then attempts to flee, however Lamia blocks their path with a wall of green flames, and then surrounds them with it. As Lamia approaches with her knife, Tristan tells Yvaine to hold him tight and think of home. Clutching the Babylon candle, he then sticks his hand into the fire, igniting the candle and escaping from Lamia.