Misty Blizzard: Auroara Bouroara Alice:

About Sila and Simon:

Review: A. George Dave Prince:

Sun, August 12, 2018:

Misty Blizzard: Auroara Bouroara Alice:

About Sila and Simon:

Camp Site:

Sila’s family camped out in the deep forest. Sila plays hiding go seek with his little brother four year old. He hides a little too far away from where Sila cannot see him: from a far distance.

Auroara Lights dances in the misty night sky: Precipitation winter wind speeded up separating Sila from her brother. The snow hovers over them and her family. They all had to retreat back to the camp site until the snow dies down. The blizzard storm is to follow; Sila left her family since she was a youngster age of eight went to locate and find her brother. Four year later her heart has not been fully fore-filled since her brother is missing, who disappeared into the forest.

Kobolt Elf gathers Star Dust for Kris Kringle: Santa. Kobolt is not ware there is a sabotoager in the mist hidden in the back of his sleigh, hidden in his nap sack. The Elf crashes near the Orphanage stranded, frustrated "now what I must do".

A child with a leather Bright Blue Winter Jacket and White winter Gloves appears surveillancing the Elf, confronted the Elf asking "if he could help". The Elf tries to cover his ears from been spotted, afraid he would be treated differently tells him "no".

The boy checks out his sleigh notices the cold fusion air proportions panels adapted to winter weather Sleigh: Hover aviation Air flight Ascender vehicle. The child is interested in the advance technology. The child is a tool fixer repairer, he likes to builds, constructs things. The Child over excited wanted to help but Kobolt thought the child could not aid him or help him lifting the Sleigh off the ground told him he has the situation handled. Simon had an idea to turn the proportion hover sleigh into a sliding sled, The Elf had only three days to get to the crystal cave caverns before Christmas.

The Proportion hovering Sleigh:

The Sabotoager cover up in his Nap Sack backed away quietly from the sleigh without being discovered. The Sabotoager tries to leave the area he thought he won however saw something shifting within the bushes, running out in the open field he was noticed by everyone.

Another child youngster appears and told them not to look into the bears eyes. She banged on the trunk wood distracting the bear. The Bear turned around frontal forward facing her first. She backs up away slowly with a staff in her hands.

The Labrador Wolf Dog eco\\\’s barks distracting the bear also from other side where the sleigh is, and where the elf and child were. The Bear turns toward the Dog annoyed of its bark.

Then Sila threw the Staff knocking the wood bark tree causing verious of holler eco\\\’s of sounds.The Bear left chasing a distraction in the forest to whoever or whatever was in the landscape of the woods, could not stand the noise. The Bear move away from the elf and child pushing forward pursuit following that sound beam to where it sent him. While the dog chased the bear away returning to the Brave youngster-youth child scaring the bear off. The covering hood of the elf came off, both children saw the his ears.

Simon excited shouting out loud "He is an Elf". Kobolt Introduced his name to the children and told them "he is on an important mission but he need to fix his sleigh". Simon fascinated with laughter and smiles, could not hold his composure "An actually Elf is right here at the orphanage", "an actually real life Elf".

Self Contain: Then Simon asks \\\ “if he could meet the misty fairies"?" Kobolt said “no.”Simon is mechanically smart, but he could not fix the air panels on the hover jet but he could turn the Sleigh into Sled slider. The Sleigh will able to slope descend down towards the cavern of Mirrors.

Since Kobolt and Simon were not endangered the next child was about to leave them behind then Kobolt stopped her and asked "the name of their rescuers"? She told Kobolt \\\”her name: Sila, and the Labrador Dog: Spirit. She told the elf they are explorers viewing the landscape exploring territorial land. \\\” Kobolt asked Sila and her dog to come with them, he could use all the help he could get.

Sila decided to help them however to her this is temporary alliance and then she will leave after they were done. Sila caught the Beaver from separating from the three of them: apprehended. The Beaver stole away in the sleigh, before he was captured, he agitated the bear hidden in the bushes and was spotted. Sila and Simon could explain where they came from, but the beaver could not explain where he came from.

The Beaver told Kobolt he was a lost soul creature that was taken away from his family. He is trying to find his way back home. Kobolt decided to help the beaver he would take him home after their adventure. Sliding downwards towards the cave mirror but first they must pass the narrow bridge.

They had three days to find the Cavern of the crystals Caves. Fairies is depending on him. Night fall fell fast: They camped near warm mountain ridge cave caverns, tent out in the starlight Hill, sitting on Cave Caverns Ridge Platform, Kobolt turn in went fast asleep. Simon restless at night saw Sila near the camp fire crying. Simon approaches her cautiously ask her about "her troubles what is wrong"? Sila told Simon her brother name: Auroara Bouroara Alice.

The Cause of death he fell deathly ill while searching for a cure nothing could be done. Medical reason she could not save him. Crouching down she cries. Simon could not secure her torn heart at all. All he could say "he is sorry for her lost". Simon turns in for the night went back to sleep, tired. Then Sila stated these words without being noticed she blamed herself for the lost of her brother like all those who are connected to her: A Hypothesis thought: Sila’s Brother either disappeared, deathly ill or he is lost?

The Mirror caves:

Deep in the caves Simon carried a flashlight shining through the tunnel. Quarts stuck to the wall of the caves. Quart Diamond, crystals, Jewels,Gold, Silver, Emeralds bounces suspension bends lights,reflection fractual shinny prisms. Kobolt with the help of the children were able to collect enough break down the crystal into pixie dust to start the engine, to run the sleigh. Kobolt and the Beaver returned the children to the orphanage then they disappeared.

Sila about to leave the orphanage she pushes door to go outside however the Winter Blizzard sends her in retreat. She ends up room-mating with her brother until the hovering blizzard wind is over.

In the closet of Simon room she crouches down covering her face and crying. Then she discovers a red jacket, and silver gloves when Simon was four years old. On the back of the Jacket Written Auroara Bouroara Alice. Sila then notice on from the inside of the his Jacket: written "Simon." Sila found her baby brother.

Why Sila ran away from home? Sila was about eight or seven year of age. Her Brother is a Child Tot about four years old. Sila May have separated from her family members, lost her brother in the Auroara Bouroara winter blizzard in the forest.

Sila is twelve; she is still searching for her lost brother exploring the whole region.What about her family Members, They must be worried about her? Sila is not aware her brother was found in the forest by a Nun. The orphanage could not locate Simon’s Parents while searching. Simon lived in Orphanage ever since. Simon and Sila are closely related more than you think. Bond Members: who does not notice each other?

Auroara Bouroara Alice:  Misty Star Dust: Chasing a Mirage:

Is Sila chasing a Mirage hoping Auroara Bouroara Alice would come back to her or is he lost forever? How she dearly missed him. In Sila Statement: Auroara Bouroara Alice fell deathly Ill since he was young. They could not find a cure for him Simon turn in for the night to sleep.

In her next statement she stated Then she blames herself for losing all her Bond Members and her brother. Auroara Illumination: night beam dances in the sky. Solar flare orbs of lights brighten the clouds. They could feel the chill temperature drop.

Winter Snow: or Blizzard:

She believes her brother is very much alive while searching. Sila is still looking since she was eight years of age. Could Auroara Bouroara Alice: be Simon? Bond of Family or Cousin Relatives: Sickly Deathly ILL or is he lost: Sila Spiritual Heart will never be free until she let\\\’s go, however Her heart tells her otherwise: not too. Auroara Bouroara Alice ascended in twilight Mist of the skys.

Sila Heart will not heel until she finds her brother. Searching the forest and Mountains since she was a youngster age of eight. Her heart will not mend about to leave. Deep temperatures’ high speeds winds pushed her back seeking refuge at the orphanage.

Nun brought Sila from out of the cold to warm them up. Sila partnerships share a room with Simon with two separate beds. In a morning Simon went for breakfast while Sila sat in the closet crying then she found a little small toddlers red bright winter Jacket and silver gloves that said on the Back of the jacket Auroara Bouroara Alice. In-side of the Jacket said “Simon”.

Sila needed an explanation and asks the Nun “To where did she got the Jacket from?” The Nun told her, she saw a lost tot who wondered in their arms not knowing where he lived, the problem he could not talk. They found him in the woods brought out from blizzard cold.The Nun searched high and low for the parents could not find them. The group of them searching but the Blizzard wind picked up with high speed, pushing them back they had to go home. The Nun would not give up however The Priest decided to return to orphanage and search in the morning. A couple priests had to carried the Nun using a fishermen Carry, taken her and the child back to the Orphanage. The Minsters were cold but tough it out.

The child who wondered too far, away from home? They called and hollered in the deep woods in Misty Forest with no answer. Simon was an orphan ever since sadly never found his parents or family until now.

Kobolt mission is to bring them back together as a family, finally Simon is found. Sila realized the fairies brought him back her baby brother thanking Kobolt. Simon discovers Sila is family member give her a hug. The Nun was able to locate their bond family members: returning back where they belong:

Welcome Home:

Beaver Kidnapping: No One was kidnapped:

The Nun name is Cordealious: Sila Sorrel heart will not heel, They built an image imaginary beaver; A Sabotoager hidden to the sleigh: Sila believes her brother is missing since he was a child Tot. Her heart will not mend unit she finds her brother, not knowing he is at an Orphanage. Guardianship Parents: The Nun, adopted: Simon while searching for his entire family. Simon Eight: Four year later Sila is still searching for him unaware she will find him.

Simon also state mind also built an imaginary Beaver as well. Simon also has no knowledge of his parents and his family. He also believes they disappeared, missing, or kidnapped. The Authourity Guide attains needs prove of Record or suspect perpetrator could have captured them, also he fears the worst could have happen to them/ Simon does not try think about it while still searching for his real family not prepared to find he has a sister. Beaver stated he was searching for his home. Not realizing the Elf and Beaver brought them together. To whom is Responsible? No one has been kidnapped:

Review: A.G. D. Prince: