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Joanna Scanlan

Mormo is the middle sister of Empusa and Lamia, member of the Lillim Coven, and also a very powerful witch.


At the young age of seventeen, Mormo's older sister, Lamia, became mortally ill. Unable to bear watching her slowly suffer, the youngest sister, Empusa, attempted to use magic to cure her, but failed. After days of searching for a solution, Mormo had come across a mystical woman who had fallen from the sky. After bringing the woman home, Empusa (knowing what the woman was) killed the woman and cut out her heart. After feeding the shining heart to her sister, Lamia had later awoken more beautiful and healthy as ever.

From that moment forth, the witches planned to forever rule the Kingdom of Stormhold by gaining their immortality from the hearts of fallen stars. However, after years of living inside of a world of dystopia, there came an army of men lead by a forceful warrior whom had succeeded at overpowering the evil witches and forcing them to exile. Years later when Tristan Thorne stormed their castle, Mormo squared up, enraged by her younger sister Empusa's murder moments before at the hands of Septimus. Before she could do anything however, Thorne unleashed her caged animals which were treated as livestock for her murderous divinations and predictions. They immediately began mauling, dismembering and killing her before escaping.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Mormo was well-known for her masculine, sturdy and robust exterior, which caused her to be very insecure and shy. In her youth, Mormo had bright ginger hair much like fellow witch and nemesis Ditchwater Sal.

Mormo is a talented witch. Though seemingly being the least powerful of the Lilim Coven, she was still of impressive skill, being able to practice divination by reading animal entrails which greatly aided Lamia in tracking down Yvaine. It is speculated her powers stretch beyond reading organs as the animals imprisoned for this practice were transformed from people, likely by her transfiguring them. Evidence the animals were people prior was how they all immediately and simultaneously targeted and cooperatively worked to kill her upon being released. Mormo was also capable of projecting a scorching flame of a purplish-blue glow from her hands with an intensity to either injure or kill her enemies, while Lamia's energy discharges were green and Empusa's red-orange.