Biographical information



Prince of Stormhold


Stormhold Palace, Faerie


Lamia's Inn, Stormhold

Cause of Death

Throat cut by Lamia

Portrayed By

Jason Flemyng

Primus is the oldest son of the King of Stormhold, portrayed in the film adaption by Jason Flemyng.

The Oldest SonEdit

Primus grew up in the Stormhold Palace, where he witnessed his younger brothers Sextus, Quartus, and Quintus be killed by his brothers (in the novel, he had killed Secundus at this time), yet he managed to survive until his father the King became greviously ill.

The Search for the StoneEdit

Summoning his remaining sons to his side, the King told them that to determine the succession, they must race to find a necklace, that he cast out of the window. The King then died, and was buried in the Royal Hallows.

However, before embarking on the search, Primus bribed Septimus' soothsayer into misdirecting his master, and he visited the Bishop, for a blessing. Septimus and Tertius arrived shortly after, and they drank a toast to the heir. Tertius and the Bishop were poisoned, yet Primus escaped as he had drank from the wrong cup. He set off on his search in his elaborate coach.

The InnEdit


Primus and Septimus

Primus eventually encountered a young traveller called Tristan Thorne who he gave a lift to after being assured that the young man  was not one of Septimus' assassins, in fact he was seeking a star called Yvaine. The three happened upon an inn, which (unbeknowst to them) had been conjured up by the witch Lamia, who was seeking Yvaine with the intent of cutting her heart out to restore her own youth and beauty. Primus sat in his bath, unawre of the threat to his life until he realised that Yvaine was wearing his father's necklace. Before he could claim it, his throat was slit by Lamia.

The AfterlifeEdit

Primus' spirit joined that of his brothers, which had been waiting in Limbo for a new King to be crowned. Eventually, his spirit was free when it transpired that Tristan was the son of Princess Una, and the true heir of Stormhold after the death of Septimus.

Appearance and personalityEdit

In the novel Primus wears a long, dark robe, has a full beard and a booming voice. He is also described as looking like a monk. In the movie he wears a purple coat with the roman numeral 1 all over and he has blonde hair and beard. In both the novel and film Primus is portrayed as the kindest and most benevolent of the Stormhold princes and unlike his brothers he has a conscience. He is the only prince not to kill his brothers and he offered Tristan a ride in his coach. He even treats Tristan respectfully and calls him a friend. However despite being the more benign of the princes, Primus is highly ruthless when crossed or disobeyed.