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|name= Secundus

|image= [[Image:Secundus.gif|250px]]

|gender= Male




|cause of death= [[Septimus]]

|portrayer= Rupert Everett

|weapon  = Sword}}

'''Secundus''' is the second heir of the Stormhold family. Secundus was considered good-looking by many of the peasants of the kingdom. He was killed when [[Septimus]] pushed him out of their father's chamber room at the top of the tower, plummeting to his death.

When he reappeared as a ghost with the other dead princes; [[Quintus]],[[File:Mark-strong-stardust.jpg|thumb|Secundus' ghost after he was pushed from the palace window.]][[Quartus| Quartus]] and [[Sextus]], his face had become crushed and deformed,showing the impact of the fall. At first he did not realise, that he was dead. But as his three brothers explain it to him, he discovers the truth. Also he is angered, that he was "so close" to be the next king. Quartus, who Secundus had killed some years ago, makes mean comments on Secundus state. Secundus just say, that his murder was so long in the past, Quartus could not be angry anymore. Secundus and his brothers accompanied their brothers Primus and Septimus by the search after the royal rubin. His ghost was later freed and passed on to the afterlife when [[Tristan Thorne]], his nephew, became king of Stormhold.




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