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Septimus was a main character in Stardust. The youngest of the seven princes of Stormhold, the seventh son and later one of the last three surviving sons at the beginning of Stardust, he was a ruthless, power-hungry man who desired the throne of Stormhold, and later, Yvaine's heart in order to become immortal. 

Personality and Appearance Edit

Septimus was a cold-blooded, bloodthirsty man who showed no remorse for murder, having murdered four of his brothers (Secundus, Tertius, Quintus and Sextus) and hungered desperately for the chance to become the next King of Stormhold. He was a tall, athletic man with brown hair that fell to his shoulders. He was ruthless, suspicious, and willing to kill anyone who got in his way or meddled with him. When he later found out that he could become immortal by killing Yvaine, he set out to capture the ruby and Yvaine in order to become king forever.


Septimus is first shown when the last of the seven princes of Stormhold gather round the king's deathbed. In the film, he throws an unknowing Secundus from the tower window whilst the king gleefully laughs. When the king declares that whoever finds the ruby shall be the next king, and dies, Septimus lunges for the ruby, only for it to fly out of his hands and into the sky. Later, when he, Primus and Tertius go their separate ways, he poisons Tertius whilst they drink wine as well as the priest. When a soothsayer attempts to use magical stones to discover the location of the ruby, Septimus questions whether or not the soothsayer is working for Primus. When the stones read yes, he stabs the man through the chest and kills him.

When he discovers that Yvaine held the ruby, and that she was a fallen star, he plotted to kill her and become immortal, as well as take the ruby and become king. On his way to find her he asked Ferdy the Fence for informations about Yvaines whereabouts. Ferdy, whose tongue was enchanted by Lamia to squawk like a duck, angered Septimus, who stabbed him in the heart out of frustration. Later he chases the duo of Tristran and Yvaine all the way to Captain Shakespeare's ship, where he discovers Captain Shakespeare while he is wearing a dress and dancing to some classical music. Septimus throws Captain Shakespeare off guard and then threaten him to find out, where Yvaine has gone. The crew of the Captain finds the two of them soon and attack the prince at once. As the last way out Septimus throws himself out of the window from the ship directly into the water of the sea.

He managed to find the witch's castle, where he teamed up with Tristran to kill the witches. He went in first and came face to face with Empusa. The two dueled, and although Empusa used her fire magic to burn him, he threw his sword at her, impaling her in the chest and killing her. When he attempted to attack Lamia and Mormo, Lamia used a voodoo doll to torture him by snapping his arms and legs. Noticing his burns, Lamia then cruelly threw the voodoo doll into a pool of water, drowning him and saying that she would do him a favor by 'putting out those nasty flames'. Later, when she battled Tristran, Lamia used the voodoo doll to maneuvered Septimus' corpse in order to fight Tristran, but he was defeated whilst his ghost watched. When Tristran became the new King of Stormhold, Septimus, along with the rest of his brothers disappeared to the afterlife. Septimus's soul is the only one that changes his color into blood red and goes down to hell for his crimes.