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Queen of Stormhold

The North Star

Cause of Death
Portrayed By

Claire Danes

"What do stars do best? They shine."

Yvaine is one of the main protagonists of Stardust. In the film adaption, she is portrayed by Claire Danes. Her sister Ingrid had her heart cut out and eaten by Lamia and her sisters.

Early Life

Yvaine was an evening star, who loved to observe the actions of humans down below. She lived in the sky along with her mother and extended family. She thought love was unconditional. She said that the only thing that made watching Earthlings bearable was that hope and love was always around.

Shooting Star

"Yeah, this where it fell. It is, or if you want to be really specific, up there is where this weird bloody necklace came out of nowhere and knocked it out of the heavens where it was minding its own business. And over there is where it landed. And right here, this is where it got hit by a magical flying MORON!"

One night in Yvaine's 30 millionth year, she was knocked from the heavens by a necklace that had been thrown by the dying King of Stormhold to determine his successor. She crashed into a forest and wounded her leg.

Shortly afterwards she encountered a clumsy young man from Wall named Tristan Thorne who claimed that Yvaine was to be a gift for his beloved, Victoria. He promised to return Yvaine to the heavens with a Babylon Candle if she helped him. However, Yvaine managed to escape with the help of a unicorn, and fled into the night. 


Yvaine managed to find shelter at an inn, where she was given a hot bath and cured of her broken leg. She was blissfully unaware that the inn had been conjured up by the evil witch Lamia, who sought Yvaine's heart in order to achieve a sense of eternal youth. Tristan found the inn shortly afterwards, as he had hitched a lift with Primus, one of the heirs of Stormhold seeking the necklace.

Primus noticed the necklace, and demanded that Yvaine gave it to him, but he was murdered by Lamia, who attempted to cut Yvaine's heart out with a knife. Tristan managed to save her using the rest of the Babylon Candle, yet their conflicting thoughts left them stranded on a cloud.

Captain Shakespeare

The two were soon soon picked up in lightning-collecting nets, manned by the notorious Captain Shakespeare. Despite his outward gruff nature, Shakespeare revealed himself to be a friendly cross dresser, who noticed Yvaine's attraction to Tristan. The captain tells Tristan that his bride was right in front of his eyes. The vessel docked soon after, and the two continued on their way.


Realising that the market town of Wall was still sixty miles away, Yvaine and Tristan hitched a lift with Ditchwater Sal, a witch who had been cursed by Lamia so that she was unable to see the star. Out of spite, she turned Tristan into a mouse, yet brought the two to Wall. On the way, Yvaine managed to explain her true feelings to the mouse, who seemed not to notice.

Once there, Tristan was returned to normal and revealed to Yvaine that he had understood everything. They spent the night together, but Tristan left earlier, leaving a message with the innkeeper that said he had found his true love and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Yvaine presumed that he had left her for Victoria, and dejectedly began to head towards the Wall.


Yvaine was stopped by a slave girl, Una, by the Wall, who warned her if she crossed over the Wall she would become a lump of rock. The two were then captured following a duel between Ditchwater Sal and Lamia, which culminated in Sal's demise.

Yvaine was then strapped down and about to be sacrificed by the Lillim when Tristan stormed in, followed by Prince Septimus, who sought Yvaine's necklace as it would determine his succession. Septimus died after Mormo and Empusa were killed, and Yvaine and Tristan incinerated Lamia with a blast of starlight.


The slave girl then revealed that she was Una, Princess of Stormhold, and that Tristan was her son, making him the King of Stormhold. He was crowned with Yvaine as his Queen, and they were presented with another Babylon Candle from Una.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: As a star, Yvaine is naturally immortal and forever young.
  • Glowing: Like all stars, she can glow brightly and can kill any who looks upon her while she is doing it.
  • Power Granting: If her heart is cut out or given willingly, people can become immortal and young for a while.

Film Portrayal

In the Stardust film adaption, Yvaine and Tristan ruled Stormhold for eighty years. She gave her heart to Tristan, allowing him to become a Star himself. After their children had grown, they lit the Babylon candle and ascended into the heavens, becoming twin Stars.